My Grandfather was born in April of 1868. He was a mountaineer that successfully climbed Kilimanjaro. Was a British soldier in India and a Rough Rider with Teddy Roosevelt on San Juan Hill. I guess his DNA brought me a desire for the love of a challenge. Besides negotiating over a thousand deals, I am the Managing Broker/Owner with thirty plus years of experience and know-how. I've bought, marketed & SOLD many of my own properties as well. LET ME help you do this right with experience, professionalism, comfort and ease. I can help you find a good fit out of state as well.

If you know ANYONE buying/selling anywhere else in the U.S. and you want a referral on the best realtor in that area; PLEASE let me custom search that for you. Don't fall for hype. I can find the facts.

I've also built my own homes, customized specs, consulted and aided in CUPs and zoning changes/development... PLEASE call me if you're thinking of building! (My favorite!) Let's find the right land for you.

Facebook Page: DESCHUTES REALTY (project photos)

I can empathize being the Seller AND the Buyer, so informing you and making choices simpler is my goal. My clients say I go the extra mile and you'll find me honest, communicative and reliable:

I come from a large family. My dad and brothers served in the military and Mom was President of the Rosary Society and raised money to fund a new church. She also worked full time at the hospital,organized the voting center when it was time to vote, rallied for JFK (whom I met) to become President and took in folks that needed a helping hand as well as the Boyles; a family whose house burned down, + so many others needing a bed or a shoulder to lean on.She was a great role model for me. Our family has always been community-minded; Thankful to live in Bend!

  With a legal secretarial background and working at Better Homes &Gardens Real Estate Company in Evergreen, CO as a teenager, I knew I was destined to help people as a realtor. THEN with a European-born builder/husband who was way ahead of his time wayback in the eighties; it seemed prudent to get my license since I was very comfortable to work with contracts and with new construction and development as I have successfully done and proudly put together two beautiful gated communities. With a successful developer and entrepreneur by the name of Bob Magness and his wife Betsy urging us on and their son Gary giving me my first listing, I felt very blessed and felt that it was all meant to be.

However, I have worked over and over again with many first-time homebuyers that hired me for their expansions over time as their families grew or when they became empty-nesters and wanted something smaller.

I think you'll find these testimonials that show my "know how" to negotiate, my work ethic and creed along with years of experience usually makes for a "Win-Win" situation and am proud to say makes me successful, BLESSED and grateful.


Mary Ann Save RN, BA:  "Mary is extremely patient and will not steer you towards a home that doesn't meet your criteria. Had it not been for Mary, I would not have found my dream home in Bend. She advised me at the right time to buy. I highly recommend Mary Gemba!"

Brady Van Matre (Van Matre Construction): "Thank you Mary, this does the job....thank you for your help and hope your new year is great." 

Diane Gainsforth & Greg Syverson: "And in case I haven't said this clearly enough, please know how very much we appreciate your work for us and the results. We simply could not has done it without you!" (CASH SALE in 80 days!)

CONSULTATION: "THANK YOU for hooking us up with the realtor team you suggested in Roseburg..." (Karen Keady in Sisters)

AL (Assistance League of Bend) "Thank you so much for your very kind donation to Assistance League of Bend..." Beverly Adler

Jennifer & Mark Waggoner (Redmond) listing sold in 4 days:

"Thanks again, Mary,."

Christine Szufnarowski · We had such an above and beyond positive experience with Mary. I was blown away with the initiative she took to make the process simpler. She went to town offices to get information for me regarding having a home office, she found an amazing lender for us to was able to help us with a complicated loan, she was a great negotiator for us. She treated us like new friends, and two months after we close, she arranged for two strong male friends along with herself to help us finish a landscaping project. We've worked with many realtors over the years, but Mary is an exception.

Michael Backstrom (first-time homebuyer for Sunriver) "THANK YOU, MARY"

Lawana Wynne: "You went above and beyond, Mary. Thank you so much."

Carla: We like Mary very much. She has been diligent in looking for a property that fits our unusual needs. I would not want to change agents."

Casey O. Pierce: (First-time buyer- Westside Home) "


Patty & Shirley Anderson: "What would we have done without you!" Can't thank you enough"

Jim Steiner: "Thank you for your help on this – I have heard that 5% of Real estate agents do 95% of the Business and I’ll bet you are in that 5% category just by the short time that I have worked with you!!!! I appreciate that. I have been in Manufactured Homes for 7 Years but prior to that, I sold new Homes for a developer in California for 30+ Years and it’s a pleasure to work with good Agents – Thank you, Jim"

Chris Morales: "Thank you so much for referring us to the realtor you picked out for us in New York. Couldn't be happier."

Pilar Divami: "Thank you for your patience. You're the best!"

Pat & Shirley Anderson: "What would we do without you!"

Michael Doss Wernke: Ranch on 50+ acres "THANK YOU!"

Denise & Mark Hardy "So happy we picked YOU!"

Ken Balgoyen Scottsdale, AZ "You helped me SO MUCH...You're the Greatest"

Jordan Klinski (10 Barrel & Brittany Nash (Wildhorse Harley-Davidson: "Thank you so sweet of you!"Thank you for everything! And staying on top of stuff..."

THANK YOU for making our dreams come True. Sonja & Ryan Dual

Alan Schwab(CEO Schwab Tire): "Thank you for working with us."

Stephanie & Michael Greenough: "Thanks for everything!"

Liz Walker I love your view and your apt! It is so cute. Thank you for everything. As a realtor you are the best! If anybody need a realtor in this area of Central Oregon Mary Gemba is your gal! She is so thorough and knows all the ins and outs. She finds stuff out and asks all the right questions. Thank you again.

Ron & Sherry Oglesbee (Blair NE) Inherited property in Iowa. "Mary, WOW! The realtor you go us was PERFECT! Stress FREE. He even lived in the neighborhood. 


(Pro Golfer- we negotiated and won the bid over 6 other offers.)

"Mary Gemba is a passionate and wonderful realtor. I appreciate that she is not only knowledgeable but gets back to me promptly with any questions I might have concerning properties or the home buying experience. She has such a wonderful people personality that it is almost like working with an old friend. She makes you feel like family. You will love her! "Angeline McGraw- Beaverton, 

"Thank you so much Mary" (Sandra Dominguez)

"Thanks for being so great to work with..." (Brent Schreiber- Portland, OR)

"Thank you for all your hard work!" (Alfredo D. Pozos)

Angeline McGraw: ..."I appreciate all your kindness...I want to thank you again for having such patience ...I will give you 5 gold stars..."

"...thank you for a job well done...thank you for your hard work and diligence on your end to help create a "win-win" for both the Buyer and Seller" Roland White & Kimberly Handley

Mark Waggoner (Kellogg's) (new construction) THANKS! Bet you didn't think it would be this hard! (It wasn't Mark :) lol)

Jordan Klinski (10 Barrel Brewer and 1st time buyer: "Mary is the SH__" ( I think it's a good thing. LOL)

Brittany Nash-Harley Davidson-Bend (Wildhorse-Harley Davidson) "Let me give you a hug."

Christine & Stephen (RN at St. Charles) Szufnarowski THANK YOU for all your hard work. New home OB Riley

Peggy Lee Combs REO LA: "They have a wonderful agent. I can't think of any who would do all that for them!" "Congrats to you and your buyers. Especially appreciate all your hard work and knowledge about this loan. You are the best!"

Today 1-25-2016 My Buyer DY closed on a home w a 203k Fixxer loan $129k with the Seller (bankowned) paying $3k at closing: Home appraised AS IS $151k :) So happy!

Rod Martino "Mary, thanks for your very deligent work in this transaction and I truly respect your professionalism and great attitude."

Paula & Tim (after 3 tries with different loans, we held on and closed on 2 homes on 305 acres in East Bend!

Estate Valuations: 2015 - 2015 Connie Koeneman: We inherited a property in 2000 and THANKFULLUY hired Mary Gemba to help in a full property value surmation from the time we sold it later this year in 2015. to help us with our taxation situation"

304 sw Cleveland Avenue: "You NAILED IT !" ( December 2015)

Paula & Tim Holden (304 sw Cleveland) "THANK YOU, Mary!" (After 9 days and 3 Open Houses, their house SOLD for Cash.)

Linda H. )NAVIS) Sold her a lot in Farewell Bend and consulting her on building options: "You saved me a lot of money."

John & Julie Muller: "Thank you...It went as smooth as it possibly could." (home sold with two contingency sales!)

Earl & Connie Koeneman: "Great work! Helluva job!"

John Monteleone (Premier Woodworks) 20 yr Resident: WHAT took you so long?!" (Sold his house in 48 hours) LOL

Nancy Montefreddi: "Mary knows the business but takes it a step further in her researching all possibilities for making certain that all of the pieces are in place. She works hard for you! She was always available, was on top of things, professional, and although extremely busy, she always kept me informed as our sale proceeded. I highly recommend her."

"Thanks, Mary. I appreciate you and the conscientious way that you handle things."

Deschutes Children's Foundation: "Thank you again."

Salvation Army: "Thanks..."

Janell Winegar, RN: "THANK YOU"

Terry Trussell: "She will go the extra mile to help you sell your home." "Thank you for selling our house, Mary.

Renee BBT Architects: "Thank you!"

Ligia Tanney REO1: "Your work ethic is impressive."

Richard Holguin Negotiator Ocwen Loan Servicing: "Good job!"

Larry Yule: "Thanks so very much for your tenacity in getting this sold."

Darrick Yarbrough: "Mary sold Grandma's house for more than we thought it was worth."

Dr. Bill Kimble and Mallory Kimble: "You're wonderful."

Deschutes Children's Foundation: Thanks again

Susan H. at Mosaic Medical: "Thanks for helping us get it" with a bear hug and an invitation to the housewarming party.

Deschutes Children's Foundation: "Thanks to your compassionate support...."

"I knew things were moving but it looks very fast..just made it,thanks to you for getting us out there and making it happen." (River Rim purchase) by the Kissell Living Trust

"Thank you so much in helping my mom. You were great!" Marcia Yarbrough

"Thank you for all the work & time you took to help me sell my house.I sure do appreciate it." Ilomae Zehner

"... I get to work with a lot of different Real Estate professionals. A good agent makes all the difference in a home purchase. Mary is among the most professional and effective agents you can find in Central Oregon.."

(Scott Wenger/Terrebonne)

" I've hired many a realtor and have not met anyone as hard-working as Mary."(Dr. Ken Sherman-Bend)" 

                           "Thank you for all of your hard work to insure that we were not going to be held liable...been a pleasure working with you." (Marv & Karen Wheeler)

"It is a pleasure working with Mary she knows exactly what her clients need and rushes to meet those needs. She is also very knowledgeable regarding real estate. Sincerely, Dan Henry"

"Keep up the good work!!!" Milton (Ray) Coffelt on Brosterhous Road"

":)You're amazing" Sheilin Herrick

Ashley Johnson RN: "I'm soooo happy! So glad you are tenacious!!!! ..Can't wait to have you over to the new home and celebrate!!" (Subject to both lenders accepting HAFA shortsale w lien releases and a rehab loan: a 7 month ordeal)

Brenda Einstein (CEO Prez of Nevado) "I bought 3 properties from Mary over the past 10 years.


"We SO appreciate you!" Marty & Theresa Denham of Juniper Farms.

Jessica & Chris Cappuccio (REO buyers)"We are all doing well and STILL enjoying this big house. Stop by any time:)"

Alice & Matt Klein: "The Best Realtor"

Beth & Robert Kraft (Hawaii) "What would we have done without you. Thank you so much."

LT Services: "Just a note to let you know of how I think about Mary Gemba. I think she is over the top of being responsible! Mary gets along with everyone and loves everyone. Mary is motivated and a go getter, as well as she wants to make everyone's life easier to live. She is punctual and a responsible and ethical business person. She is a bonus in my life and hopefully yours! I give her many kudos and always will!"

Roger M. Mlodzik Water Commissioner Districts 9 & 80 CO: "Mary has a very good knowledge of real estate and water issues. She has worked on new subdivisions and water rights transfers for augmentation plans...Mary has a very dedicated work ethic and is of the highest character and integrity of many realtors I have dealt with."

Bill Moore (CEO/Owner Moore & Co.)" outstanding and very successful part of our Company...a leader and a positive motivator...I loved her work ethic, her total integrity, and her wonderful, positive attitude."

October 22, 2013 "With your help we've made outstanding progress..."UNITED WAY of Deschutes County                             Bruce Meland: "You are doing a great job under the circumstances."

"Mary-Wow! Thank you so much for all of your help! This home is so perfect. We couldn't be happier. I/We ARE so happy that you were our agentYou made the home buying process so easy and non-stressful. You are great at your job, thank you! Best Regards, Laura & Ricky

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